Thursday, September 3, 2015

Here is the amazon link that makes it easy to review and/or order any of the three books I have on Amazon. Simply click the picture of the book(s) in which you are interested.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Attic Affair

We were up in a neighbor’s attic
Me, my brother and Pearl;
She said, “it’s so romantic
“Two boys and only one girl”

“I want to kiss only one boy
To see if it’s really fun
So whoever has the biggest toy
Will be the lucky one“.

Well, I was five and too confused;
My brother was six and ready
Pearl was seven and highly amused
 “Maybe I’m too young to go steady.”
So, down came my knickers
And my brother Dick’s too;
Sally got a bad case of snickers
Saying, “here’s what you have to do.”

“You two take out your ding dings,
While I go find a ruler.”
Well, I was sweating bullets,
And Richard was not much cooler.

So, downstairs goes Pearl,
While our things are hanging out
Dick gives his a twirl!
Then we hear her mother shout!

“Why do you need the ruler, hon?”
I say, “Let‘s get outta here.”
Dick says, “but we ain‘t quite done”
(I’d never known such fear.)

Then we hear the foot steps from below,
And we know that isn’t Pearl;
Dick says, “quick to the window”
That’s sure no little girl!

The house was two stories high\
 Plus the attic we’re standing in;
I say, “Dick, you think we can fly?
No? Then I think we’re in trouble again”

Mom will get mad, I’m sure of that
And she doesn’t get mad very often;
But this time she’ll use her baseball bat
And we’ll wind up in Granny’s old coffin.

Well, Dick’s then saying “well, hello”
To Pearl’s very mad mommy
Who’s holding our friend, down below,
And I’m getting sick to my tummy.

“Put on your pants, kids”, she says
“This party’s come to an end
And I’ll see your mother one of these days
On that you can depend.”

Fast forward, to the end of the war
It’s the summer of forty-six’
I’m having a drink at the Tooth and Claw,
Checking the new social mix.

I haven’t seen this old town
Since the summer of thirty-nine;
But, now it’s a place of world renown,
This great old home town of mine.

I’m visiting an old friend or two;
We’ve been seated in this crowded cafĂ©,
The town is filled by another crew:
Students at study and at play

Suddenly I’m seized by a female stare,
She’s sitting with two other girls;
The same mass of gorgeous blonde hair
Fixed in the same ‘thirties curls

Then she took her little thumb
Held it high over the table
I laughed until I was almost num
 My God, is she now Betty Grable?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lost in Burma is now available on Amazon, Both in print and kindle. "A World War 2 Trilogy" will be coming along mid to late July. Reviews always appreciated. The Trilogy has been privately acclaimed, and is expected to be the best book of its type since, "From here to Eternity". Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Update on the books of R.E. Maloney

Good news! "Lost in Burma" is now available through CreateSpace and you can click (or, copy and paste)

and order. $9.77 + tax and shipping.

The book will also be available from Amazon, probably on or before July 4 (yes, 2015)

Keep checking this site for information on the other three books.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I have written three books that will be published this year. The first should be on Amazon sometime in early July. That book is about 90 pages, and titled, "Lost in Burma"/Queenie and 50 Other Poems .
From Lost in Burma:  ("Thal's Place")

But you mainly met survivors
Russians, Jews, some Sikhs;
Other Asians, here and there;
Maybe an Aussie, or couple of Greeks.
The place was down an alley
Off a one way street;
One used only by rickshaws
And unknown to American MPs.

It is nip and tuck as far as the order in which the other two books will be released. "A World War 2 Trilogy" is over 200 pages and the editing takes much more than do the other two books. Part 1 is in anthology form, takes place mostly in the interior of China, and runs from March 1943 to October 1945. Part two is fictional and the same characters are involved in several activities in Shanghai. This story runs from October 1945 to December 1945. Part three takes place in Germany and finds our two protagonists in various (not all legal) with Military Intelligence in southern Germany. Time span on this story is March 1946 to September 1948.

From: "A World War 2 Trilogy"

 “How long before we’re counted as AWOL?” asked Whitey. Bob told him he thought it was 48 hours, but he wasn’t sure of that. The little shack they had been locked up in was guarded by a member of Chaing Kei Sheks army, who continued to talk to them in pigeon English, and assured them that as soon as the General (not Chiang, they assumed) made sure they were not Mao’s spies, that they would be escorted back to Shanghai. Chiang, he said, didn’t want any troubles with the Americans, but there was no telling what that bastard Mao would do to take advantage of the fast 

And from "24 A.A.. Ballads" (which consume a little over 100 pages)

The new guy looked to be quite well off,
Sharp white shirt and tie;
I knew he was dancing and laughing,
So he wouldn't break down and cry.
Paul then pulled out his wallet,
Before he even took a chair;
“Put your dough away, my friend,
Here, say hello to Ratty O'Hara”

The "24 A.A. Ballads" volume has been edited, and may be released before the Trilogy book.