Monday, December 16, 2013

At least two Republican “lawmakers” have compared the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care, to you who have just returned from Mars), in a way that equates President Obama to Adolph Hitler and National Socialism. This, they say, because, “didn’t National Socialism (Nazism) start when the Nazis institute National Health Care“?. I care less whether these rattlesnakes want their constituents to have access to affordable health care. That’s their problem, and I assume those idiots that voted for you will do so again!

But, what you people are doing is burying, in crap, the people who saved this country 65 years ago. Yes. Like me; and more so like the more than 300 buddies I graduated High School with in 1942 that are buried in Europe or some Pacific Island, That you have the nerve to compare our service (mine was from March 1943 to September 1948) to a national law, a piece of legislation, and effort to get millions of people into doctors’ offices instead of half-staffed hospital emergency rooms, is a disgrace and the worst form of blasphemy

The fact that kids about ten and twelve years old read these pages, keeps me from calling you something more dramatic than “scum”, which is the very mildest description of what I really know you to be. You are wearing your closet racism all over your white shirts.

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