Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Realist Priest

    Father Casey said, “I’m getting tired”,
    Telling his dad his woes.
    “My Bishop says I could get fired
    Even my mistress knows”

    Well, if it’s only money, Mike
    I might have a good idea;
    Might even get you promoted;
    And get you out of here.

    That Sunday morning after Mass,
    Father Casey addressed his Clan:
    All parishioners would get Last Rites
    Early, on a monthly payment plan.

    Not only that, he went on to say,
    We can put a rider to the deal;
    With a guaranteed, pre-paid, burial
    In our own little lily field.

    Well, the Bishop showed up
    The following day
    And now Father Casey’s
     In Zimbab-ee-we

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